Great Western Railway Paddington Band
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Locomotive is name ‘Harry Patch’ at Bristol Temple Meads 6 November 2015 (YouTube) London’s Last Railway Band (August 2017) GWR Paddington Band on Facebook Song - By the Great Western Railway Station Military Band (Credits on YouTube - 2018) Christmas Concert - 21 December 2018 Medley 1 Medley 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First Performance at Paddington Station In the Public Domain, Overture ‘Primrose’, by Engebert Brepsant, composed about 1860 and published by Hawkes, was to have its 1 st Performance on Paddington Railway Station on 17 April 2020 by the Paddington Railway Band. Brepsant is well known for his March ‘Belphegor’, which was to be performed at Paddington on 24 April 2020. However, these performances were overtaken by the Covid-19